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Charles Swaim and Leslie Jones are the crew on Sea Smoke and have been living aboard for 23 years. Together they have sailed over 50,000 sea miles.

Charles' early interest in cooking and an opportunity to apprentice to an excellent continental chef set into motion a lifelong love of cooking and cuisine. A gypsy at heart, Charles was educated in Texas and received a degree in comparative philosophy. Taking early retirement from an administrative position at the University of Oklahoma allowed the pursuit of a dream to live and sail in the Caribbean. Charles holds a US Coast Guard 100 ton masters license.

The operation of Sea Smoke is shared by Leslie Jones. Leslie's first home is central Oklahoma where she was born and received a degree in Business Administration. She left her job at an international lettering arts magazine to go with Charles to the Caribbean.  She loves animals, nature and the sea and would be delighted to share what she has learned about the wildlife of the Caribbean.

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