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Past guests write about their experiences on Phaedrus:

"Our broker was very helpful in the planning of our trip.  She considered our special needs & found the perfect crew for us in Charles Swaim & Leslie Jones.  She could not have predicted that the Caribbean would see some of its highest sustained winds, or that there would be several reports of box jellyfish (including the one that attacked Steve!), but she could predict that Charles & Leslie would be the perfect crew for us.  And they were.  Charles & Leslie considered our every comfort and were just a pleasure to be around.  We feel we've made wonderful new friends in them. "
S&J Blades, Franklin, TN

"We don't know how this year's trip could have been any better than last year's but it was! We really enjoyed exploring the Spanish Virgins with you - it was fabulous! The food was awesome, as usual, and each day seemed to out do the previous! You are wonderful hosts, and we are privileged that you allow us to spend a week of your life with you. Thanks for an incredible week!"
M&K Smith, Sarasota, FL

"How fortunate we are to be the beneficiaries of a donated week to the NYC fire department post 9-11!  The devastation, sadness & grief experienced on that horrific day and for months afterwards.   The time spent on Phaedrus has immensely helped to ease the pain and aid in the healing process.  We are incredibly grateful to have had this week of pampering, fun in the sun, snorkeling, new Caribbean oasises and a 'gastronomical delight!' Thank you from the bottom of our hearts."
Firefighter Freddy W. E-33/L-9 and Susan L.

"Amie and I took part of our honeymoon on Phaedrus and it was the highlight of our trip. We had probably one of our most memorable experiences which exceeded all our expectations.

Once aboard Phaedrus, Leslie and Charles made us feel right at home, the champagne didn't hurt either. Being on our honeymoon we wanted to enjoy a certain amount of privacy which the crew understood without having to say anything. But they also took the initiative and made excellent suggestions throughout the trip such as to food selection, where to drop anchor, what bars to stop by and where to snorkel.

Each meal was outstanding from eggs benedict in the morning to filet mignon for dinner. Everything was expertly prepared with the crew thinking of every last detail. The wine selection from different regions throughout the world highlighted each dinner. Every afternoon was highlighted by cocktail hour after a day of snorkeling and sailing.

We would recommend Phaedrus and the crew to any honeymooners or couples wanting to take a great get-away vacation. We will definitely be calling on Phaedrus again in the near future."
Amie & Brian W.

"Dear Charles & Leslie,
Geoffrey and I want to write to you to tell you what an amazing experience it was to spend a week sailing with you. We both remember feeling the tension drain from our bodies the very first day on board. At first we gave credit to the Caribbean and then we gave credit to you. Whenever someone makes a difficult task seem easy, you know you are watching a professional. You, Charles and Leslie are professionals.

We were two strangers but you took and met us just where we were, molding to our needs and wants for the week like a seamless shadow. You were both friendly and accessible and easy to talk to. Yet, we never felt any pressure to make conversation. (Although you were omnipresent and friendly when needed, you were equally invisible and removed when appropriate).

Descriptive phrases we repeatedly use about our Phaedrus vacation are: effortless ease, casual elegance, luxurious simplicity, excellent food, exquisitely presented.

Before Phaedrus, we always thought a spa vacation or room service in a first class hotel was the height of luxury. We were wrong. Phaedrus is the ultimate vacation. Thank you for sharing our week."
Geoffrey & Cecilia G.

"Charles, Leslie and Lila,
Well we finally found the time to sit down and write about our wonderful surprise anniversary cruise from May 19-26, 1999. Liz and I continue to talk and reminisce about "the most relaxing and memorable vacation" of our 10 years together. The both of you are truly wonderful people and gracious hosts.

Whenever we talk about our trip to our friends and family, and that's often, we start by mentioning the morning routine, sitting out on the benches and within 5 minutes two deliciously hot cups of coffee, fixed to our liking, appear beside us magically. Then within minutes the aromas from below just start to flow above and peak your interest. Leslie's wonderful baking is a memory we will have for a long time to come.

As you remember, Liz's interest in gourmet cooking was always a topic of discussion. We continue to share the gourmet dishes you prepared and the excellent selection of wines. By the way, you will be proud of me; I've had Salmon two times since we've been back.

Every minute of our trip was wonderful, but I must say your choice of Chateaubriand for our 10th anniversary, candle-lit dinner was perfect. Liz and I enjoyed the quiet and romantic dinner as well as sharing the dessert and Dom Perignon with the both of you.

Well after all this discussion about food we have to mention the exercise we got, kayaking around the bays or in shore for excursions, the wonderful snorkeling locations and lastly the hiking around the islands. What a great way to get your appetite brewing.

The boat is both a 5 Star Restaurant and 5 Star Hotel. It was special to us for you to share the dream you had with your friend about Phaedrus and the photo you have of him in the salon is a photo I will always remember. Stay dry and healthy."
Tom & Liz H.

"Charles, Leslie & Lila,
Phaedrus and her crew (all three) have truly shown us an idyllic adventure each day unfolded beautiful setting and opportunities to explore new activities. The cuisine from morning 'til night was wonderful with so many special touches that were very much appreciated. The pink jobs and the blue jobs were accomplished with quiet ease and perfection - all adding up to a perfect vacation. Thank you so much. We look forward to a return trip.

P.S. to future passengers - skinny dipping followed by a hot shower is a must! (On the transom, of course!)"
Donald & Agnes B.

"Dear Charles, Leslie & Lila,

Who would have thought that when we first decided to try a yacht charter 3 years ago, that we would have been so lucky and fortunate to pick out the Phaedrus as the one we wanted to sail with. This is our 3rd charter with you two and Lila, and it doesn't get any better than this. The hospitality, the small amenities, the excellent food, the wonderful conversations, the exquisite pampering are all wonderful antidotes to our hectic lives at home. You both continue to provide an incredible and restorative vacation experience. We would be crushed if you ever stop chartering. Many thanks for sharing your home and lives with us."
Anne L. & Brian D.

"We came on board with certain expectations, which you not only met, but surpassed by far. When we returned to the boat after a wonderful snorkel tour, one of you would always be at the transom to take our gear and shampoos and towels waiting showed again your attention to the smallest details, which made our time on Phaedrus even more enjoyable.

We have just one complaint - the meals served - we should have known Charles is a "Cordon Blue Chef," so we could have dieted before coming on board. Charles and Leslie, you set new benchmarks with the superb meals you two prepared and served us. Thank you both for finding new and exciting spots we had not seen yet. We truly enjoyed our time on Phaedrus, the two of you and Lila. We hope to be back soon!"
Sam & Karin S.

"...a few thoughts on the Phaedrus crew:
...about Charles, Leslie and Lila
P - polite, punctual & pleasingly purrfect!
H - hospitable, humorous & purrfectly happy!
A - anticipated, accepted, acknowledged & purrfectly adorable!
E - exceptional, educational, experienced & purrfectly exquisite!
D - dedicated, delightful & deliriously Delicious!!!
R - respectful, reasonable, receptive, a purrfect rhapsody!
U - Unbelievable Experience!!
S - sincere, sensitive & most of all Sensationally, Superlative Service

Thank you all for making our valuable vacation time a treasured memory."
Nancy A. & Roger W.

"Dear Broker,

My wife and I were aboard Phaedrus for our honeymoon from December 24, 2001 to January 2, 2002. I want to let you know what an excellent job Charles and Leslie did attending to our every need. They were professionals in every sense of the word. They were able to maintain a seamless itinerary and provide us with five star meals three times a day. Everything exceeded both of our expectations and we would recommend them highly to anyone considering their services in the future.

I also want to thank you for all of your help in the preparation of our charter. I found the information we spoke about on the phone several times to be very useful and it helped us to fully enjoy our charter."
Jim & Lynn M.

"Dear Broker,

Words cannot express how we feel about our week on Phaedrus! It was beyond our wildest dreams. Thank you so very much for your efficient arranging of everything. We were blessed with perfect weather the whole time.

Also, thanks for the beautiful calligraphic chart that we got at the end of the trip...and the hats! We wore them a LOT!

Well, it is always nice to come home, but this trip was probably the best thing for our bodies, minds, spirits, souls and marriage! What a lovely experience!"
Katherine and Ron S.