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Vacation Tips
Life in the islands is very laid back and uncomplicated. We want your trip to be the same so here are a few tips to help make it that way.

What to pack
First, lay out what you want to bring. Next, divide that in half. Put it in a soft-sided suitcase & you're ready. Really, all you need are a couple of swimsuits (one to wear while the other is drying), T-shirts and shorts. Extras you may consider bringing would be walking shoes for the occasional hike, a sweater or long sleeved shirt for the cool evenings, and casual dress clothes if you are planning to eat ashore one night such as khakis & a collared shirt for the men and islandy pants or a sun dress for the ladies. Also, the locals get offended if you come ashore (other than the beach) in just a swimsuit, so please bring a cover-up or other appropriate attire that covers the middrift.

Other things to include would be sunscreen lotion (not oils), sunglasses and a hat. Don't forget medicines, an extra pair of glasses or contacts if you wear them, extra batteries and memory cards for your camera, books and your favorite CDs or iPod. We have beach towels and snorkel gear, unless you have your own to bring. You may want to pack a carry-on bag for important things like medicines and a swimsuit just in case your luggage decided to show up a day late. We do have soaps, shampoo and extra toothbrushes and toothpaste.

VERY IMPORTANT We have recently had guests who have had jewelry stolen out of checked luggage. In several instances the jewels have been hidden in socks, and other places that would be a little harder to find unless you knew it was there, i.e using scanning equipment. With gold over $1000/oz, the temptation for taking gold is high. So 1) if you want/need to bring your jewels, bring them in your carry-on luggage or wear a few pieces only, or 2) the really safe thing to do is leave it at home. As for iPods, cameras and other valuables, please pack those in your carry-on luggage.

Also, do not forget your passport as you will need it to go back and forth from the US Virgin Islands and the British Virgin Islands.

Please DO NOT BRING greasy suntan oils as they stain the fabrics, towels and the boat surfacing. Also, DO NOT BRING illegal drugs of any kind. If they are found onboard we will have to terminate the charter without refund.

What to expect
Upon greeting you we will serve you a beverage and head for the evening's anchorage. Once we have arrived Leslie will show you around the boat and get you acquainted with your cabin. Charles will be making tapas for you to snack on. While enjoying Charles' treats, we'll discuss the itinerary. We'll discuss the type of activities you might be interested in and places that are on your "must see" list. Snorkeling and hiking can be added into everyday. If you want to do an island tour, a lunch or dinner ashore, or go SCUBA diving, those can be arranged but will be at your expense as they are not included in the charter price. We are also happy to have you trim the sails or take the helm if you wish.

Your crew
We have been together as a couple for 24 years and spending 23 of those years on the boat, working continually together, we really understand “space” and your need for it. We will try to be attentive to your “space” but not neglect you either.

We truly look forward to having you aboard Sea Smoke and showing you a piece of the Caribbean.

See you soon!
Captain Charles and Leslie

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vi yacht charter